My world is spinning with transitions: the New year arrives and the old year is memorialized in calendars, new moments bring new possibilities, feelings come and go, new thoughts arise and old ones fade. Relationships change form, retreat from or move toward connection, old habits give way to new ones and familiar patterns fall short of the newly awakened inner call.

All these transitions in my life ask me to honor that which is changing, and to face with courage and grace that which is emerging. Navigating transitions with strength and clear choice is what Mary Mackenzie and I are passionate about. We invite you to join us for a nurturing five-day exploration of how to embrace life transitions in ways that lead to the thriving, vibrant life you know is possible.

This practical, affordable residential retreat will be held on the beautiful Hood Canal, at the Seabeck Conference Center (, in Seabeck, WA. Gorgeous scenery, good food, and exquisite company will make this event a time of renewal and learning. Please join us!

For more information,  click here or contact Aimee Ryan at 406-461-5135 or