Dear friend,

I want to “toot my horn” for my good friends at the NVC Academy, and their NVC Multimedia Library. I’m thrilled with the materials and resources they continue to collect for their members… And what a marvelous resource tool it is for any of us who’re studying Nonviolent Communication!

What makes it so useful? Here’s what appeals to me:

  • Contains the history of Nonviolent Communication, as founded by Marshall Rosenberg
  • Holds seminal works by most of our veteran NVC trainers, as well as the work of generations of trainers who’ve come afterwards
  • Resources from today’s NVC trainers are added regularly
  • Comprehensive NVC study guide you can delve into at your own speed

Best of all for MY busy life, it’s open all the time and I don’t have go anywhere. If I want to start my day sitting in the morning sunshine with a cup of tea and Jim and Jori Manske, I can do that.

How sweet is that!

And yes, you’ll find a dozen or so of my courses in the Library, too, such as “Integrating NVC,” and “Stoking the Fires of Joy.” Just click here to see my collection!

Speaking of the Manskes…

If you join the NVC Academy’s Library THIS WEEK, you’ll receive FREE ADMISSION to “Thank You!,” a gratitude-focused telecourse Jim and Jori Manske are offering on Saturday, Nov 28 at 4:00pm PST and Sunday, Nov 29 at 11:00am PST. You’ll learn how you can create more joy in your daily life… eradicate any fear of asking for what you want… and welcome feedback, regardless of how it’s given!

And last but not least… gifts of gratitude drawings will be held during this course – including a FIRST EDITION of Marshall Rosenberg’s book, Language of Life and a holiday meditation course with Mary Mackenzie!

Wow, what a fun offer – I hope you’ll check it out!

Having a well-stocked library that’s readily available makes studying NVC such a pleasure. I don’t think there’s another resource quite like it anywhere else in the world.


Kathleen Macferran

CNVC Certified Trainer