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2014 Updates and Inspiration Emails

• April Update – Going Home…a Journey of Heart, Purpose, Courage and Connection
I’m going back to reconnect with my heart and to listen to where Life is leading me now. Want to come? Read more about Going Home

• New Year January Newsletter – Meeting 2014 with Courage and Grace
What if I could learn to meet life’s transitions with strength and grace rather than be limited by my default habit of fear and confusion? What if I had a map to turn to when I sensed something is on the verge of shifting because the status quo simply can’t go on? Read more about meeting 2014 with Courage and Grace

2013 Updates

• Being With the Grief of Goodbyes
Grief, however, seems to be the companion regularly knocking on the door. Reluctant at first to open my heart to the grief, I’m now finding the air fresher with the door knocked off its hinges. Get more fresh air

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