From retreat facilitation to bridging the gap between polarized groups, Kathleen offers an array of services tailored to specific communities and situations. Looking to develop a way to engage with conflict within your organization or neighborhood? Are you trying to get past the gridlock and make a decision? Do you want practice with effective, respectful, authentic communication? Kathleen’s services include:

  • Collaborative Community Building support
    • Neighborhood Disaster Preparation
    • Conflict Response and Prevention
    • Feedback: Reflection and Learning
    • Shared Power and Equity
  • Staff Training for Effective Communication in the Workplace
  • Leadership Support
  • Workshops on a wide variety of topics ranging from conflict transformation, authentic dialog, respectful communication, effective meetings, social change, parenting, mediation, and more.
  • Educational experiences
  • Keynote speeches
  • Mediation/Reconciliation
  • Retreat and/or meeting facilitation
  • Training the Trainer Programs: Trainer Candidate Community Program
  • E-learning programs: webinars, telesummits, etc.
  • Workshops on navigating Life Transitions with my colleague Mary Mackenzie.

Please use the form below to contact Kathleen about offering one of her services to your organization or community.

A message from Kathleen about her FEE (Financial Energy Exchange):

At the heart of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) lies a quality of giving that comes from joy, contribution and meaning. I want to give and receive within that framework. Learn more about Kathleen’s FEE approach and philosophy.




Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

Name Location Date
NVC as LIfeLong Practice and Art - 10 months Learning Community Online - with Liv Larsson, Sarah Peyton, Leonie Smith, Yoram Mosenzon, Jihan Mcdonalds, Yuri Hass, Sandra Caselato, Kathleen Macferran and David Wenstock 10/16/21 - 06/28/22
Name Location Date
Choice: Finding Choice Within & Navigating A Polarized World With Kathleen Macferran & Jared Finkelstein 01/10/22 - 01/20/22
Name Location Date
Activism: An Antidote to Hopelessness With Roxy Manning, Kathleen Macferran, Sarah Peyton, and Kathy Simon 05/11/22 - 06/15/22
Name Location Date
CNV & TRANSFORMATIONS SOCIALES - Construire des communaute?s solides dans nos familles, nos lieux de travail, nos e?coles, nos prisons Vieu d'Izenave , , France 08/10/22 - 08/14/22
Name Location Date
Building Strong Communities as the Backbone of Social Change - Workshop through NVC Beyond Borders Vieu d'Izenave , , France 08/20/22 - 08/24/22
Name Location Date
Übergänge im Leben – 4 Tage Intensiv Training mit Kathleen Macferran und Mary Mackenzie 99425 Weimar-Tiefurt, , Thüringen , Germany 09/14/22 - 09/18/22
Name Location Date
The Art and Essence of NVC: Find Strength in the Advanced Nuances of NVC - Slovenia SI – 2364 Ribnica na Pohorju , , Slovenia 09/24/22 - 10/01/22