Books for Compassion, Communication and Collaboration

View Kathleen’s books about communication, compassion and tools for investigation of the life-serving motivation in ideas that sometimes appear as opposites.

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NVC Videos

Another source of learning are these suggested short videos, some developed by NVC Founder, Marshall Rosenberg, others by fellow trainers and associates from around the world. View videos about Nonviolent Communication and other valuable tools.

Racial Equity Resourceshands together

Visit Kathleen’s long list of important concepts, videos, podcasts, articles, organizations and more about privilege, bias, bullying and more. View racial equity links.

Suggested ReadingsBooks

Here is a list of books, articles, and written materials that that are excellent resources for deepening your knowledge and awareness about Nonviolent Communication. Check out Kathleen’s growing list of recommendations.

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These are associates and learning centers that we work with and recommend. They offer a variety of educational tools, workshops, online courses and telecourses to help you on your path toward nonviolence compassion. Visit the partner page here.