CHOICE: a field guide for navigating the polarization of our world and living interdependently

By Kathleen Macferran and Jared Finklestein

Coming in July, 2020
Explore choices and philosophical perspectives that go beyond right and wrong and into the realm of interdependent relationship. Based upon the key differentiations and principles of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication, this book gives you tools for investigation of the life-serving motivation in ideas that sometimes appear as opposites. When you learn to distinguish these concepts, light is shed on the life- serving purpose at both ends of a seeming continuum between ideas.

Readers are invited to apply, on a personal level, a consciousness that leads to self-responsibility, connection and collaboration.

Jared reveals how he used one of the insights from Choice to quit smoking

Kathleen and Jared share about Choice

What Others Say About Choice

“If you are a leader who wants to develop your ability to discern and make choices that lead to results which enrich and sustain your organizational community, you will want to access “Choice” as a resource time and again.” 
~ Christine Flaherty, MHA – Healthcare Executive

“One word can open a heart, and another word can trigger a reaction that will take hours or even weeks or years to heal.
So I would happily suggest everybody that finds communication as a crucial tool in life, to read and keep re-reading this book and thus bringing more and more clarity into the way they interact with themselves, others and life itself.”
~ Robert Kržišnik, MSc. Psych., CNVC Certified trainer and mediator

Giraffe Tales ~ Audiobook

Giraffe Tales CD cover

Product Overview: Purchase here on CD or instant download. Composed, directed by Kathleen Macferran, Music Director and Founder of Rainier Chamber Winds.

Enchanting voices and music bring teachings about the why and how of Nonviolent Communication. Perfect for children and adults learning about the emotion and heart that surrounds feelings and needs.

Listen to sound samples, below.

Musical Metaphors of the Heart:

Giraffe Tales evolved from a playful metaphor sometimes used in Nonviolent Communication trainings referring to NVC as “giraffe language.”

The giraffe is the land animal with the largest heart. The heart represents the place of universal feelings and needs. The giraffes’ height affords views of the distant horizon and the consequences of actions. The neck also is a reminder of the courage it takes to stick out one’s neck in service of one’s values.

“How Giraffes Found Their Hearts” and “How Giraffes Got Their Ears” are stories interwoven in a rich musical landscape and narrated by enchanting voices. Available now as an audio download or in CD format.

Sample clip of How Giraffes Found Their Hearts (3 minutes):

Sample clip of How Giraffes Got Their Ears (3 Minutes):


CD: $16.00 includes shipping
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Giraffe Tales ©2012 Kathleen Macferran, Strength of Connection

  • Track 1: How Giraffes Found Their Hearts (19:29)
  • Track 2: How Giraffes Got Their Ears (9:05)

Music composed by Adam Stern Stories by Kathleen Macferran Conductor: Kathleen Macferran “How Giraffes Found Their Hearts” narrated by Bonnie Showers “How Giraffes Got Their Ears” narrated by Laurence Cole Recording and Editing by Al Swanson Original art and graphic design by Kenneth Schrag

Rainier Chamber Winds’ Musicians: Flute: Susan Telford Alto flute/piccolo: Kirsten James Oboe: Janet Putnam Clarinet: Mary Kantor Bassoon: Ann Kosanovic-Brown Percussion: Beth Lenz Trumpet: Jerry Oram Trombone: David Ritt

Thank you to the Rainier Chamber Winds’ Board of Directors: Julie Wieringa, Jill Skinner, Gregg Miller and Nate Glissmeyer

For my family, with love

Kathleen Macferran Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication