“Friend, our closeness is this: that wherever you put your foot, feel me in the firmness under you.”- Rumi

 I read this and feel it in my body- toes spread out, sinking into the earth, resting in the solid sense of grounding. I’d love all my relationships to feel this way and I’d love all my friends to experience enough trust in me that they, too, have a visceral sense of being held. As I enjoy the relaxation in with my body, my mind starts to ask, “How do we get there? What behaviors and choices contribute to that firm foundation in my relationships?”

 So many moments flood my mind……….lazer-focused looks that hold me with rapt attention and presence, texts that let me know I’m being thought of, inquiries into small details of my day, agreements to support each other with as much care and vulnerability as is possible in any moment, and a willingness to face any tension that arises in the space between us because we both value the uniqueness and preciousness of our friendship. Beyond a quality of presence that is dynamic and alive, there’s a willingness to share openly about feelings and the things that we most care about.

 There’s another factor, too.  An agreement I have with myself to show up in every relationship with all my humanity, to practice self-connection to my essential nature, and to no longer withhold the expression of that essential nature. I’m tasting time and time again the thrill of showing up awake and alive even when it is uncomfortable.

 Friends, do you have any idea what a gift it is to me to have you as a firm foundation to walk upon?