Love Your Neighbor signDid you know the word “apocalypse” originated in the Greek language and literally means an “uncovering”?  It is a disclosure or revelation of great knowledge, an event that uncovers something important hidden in plain sight.  It is associated with “end things” or “end times”.  Which, to me, implies the possibility of “beginning things” and “beginning times” – embodying new insight and awareness.  What is being “uncovered” for us to see in this apocalypse of health and misinformation?  Our interdependence to be sure, and more.

I have moments when my purpose is so clear to me, which is to first be a messenger of love and unity.  It becomes so simple when all I have to do in response to whatever crisis is happening – is to just remember that everything I do and say can point to – can be evidence of a great love that is always present and can be accessed. It must be accessed. The alternatives are bleak.

The rest will follow. We will make it through.

~ Special thanks to our guest blog writer, a leader in the health care field

Photo by Kyle Cleveland on Unsplash