Four Mondays, 4 – 6 pm PST

This interactive workshop takes participants through a reflective practice to get in touch with the essence of choice.

Using their book Choice: A field guide for navigating the polarization of our world and living interdependently, CNVC Certified Trainers Kathleen Macferran and Jared Finkelstein will guide participants to seek compassion in the midst of seemingly polarized perspectives. Offering a framework for wrestling with the polarizing issues of our time (such as systemic racism, inequity, and the existential environmental crisis), participants will journey through their inner landscapes toward choices they have for actions in the outer world.

As co-authors of Choice here’s what Kathleen and Jared have to say, “[W]e know that authentic choice is a profoundly subjective and personal experience. Still, it’s our assertion that human problems and solutions—personal, interpersonal, and societal—all have their roots in the actions that individuals take. And these actions all rise from one’s individual experience of choice. How do we better exercise our ability to make conscious choices? How do we learn to see what is invisible? To know what we don’t know? To be aware when we are not aware?”

The trainers will be using their book Choice as the course curriculum for this class. However, book purchase is not required to participate.

Information on purchasing Choice can be found at: Strength of Connection.

The content of this class is highly experiential and live participation is encouraged.

Fee Information

  • General: $160
  • Current San Francisco Zen Center member: $144
  • Limited income: $112

No one turned away for lack of funds. Please register below.

Or call 415-354-0360.

Kathleen Macferran

Certified Trainer and Assessor for the Center for Nonviolent Communication


Jared Finkelstein

Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication,