The Art and Essence of NVC: Find Strength in the Advanced Nuances of NVC is an Intensive 7-day residential retreat.

June 3-10, 2023
Ribnica na Pohorju, Slovenia

This Nonviolent Communication (NVC) workshop is designed for advanced* (super-heros!) trainers, coaches, facilitators, healers, certification candidates, and multi-year NVC practitioners. Together we will dive into the hidden essence of NVC and its application to our day to day lives and vision for the future.

We will be exploring:

  • What is NVC and What is the Purpose of NVC?
  • How does NVC intersect with my culture, beliefs, and experiences?
  • The Key Differentiations at the core of NVC – the framing and guidance they offer.
  • How to navigate the polarization of our time and guide us toward collaboration?
  • Healthy sexuality and practical spirituality.
  • How we impact one another, how we can repair relationships and transform systems.
  • What can I contribute to the world? How do I realize and activate my gifts and wisdom to make a better world?
  • How to say what you really mean with authenticity and care.
  • How to say NO and YES with genuineness and care so more needs can be met more of the time.
  • How can I be flexible and adapt in a variety of contexts while staying grounded in my values and key principles of NVC?
  • How NVC consciousness can become my natural language.

* We define “advanced” as people with a firm understanding of NVC form and principles, who implement them into their thoughts, words and actions. We suggest at least 7 days of NVC training prior to this event.

Language: English

Translation: into Slovene if needed

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