Financial Energy Exchange

Kathleen’s F.E.E. (Financial Energy Exchange) request

Photo of shaking hands with multiple peopleAt the heart of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) lies a quality of giving that comes from joy, contribution and meaning. I want to give and receive within that framework. 

There are many strategies to exchanging vitality. Because we live in a culture where much of that exchange happens through money, in order to sustain myself in sharing NVC in the way I do I require $25,000 a year to cover expenses. Money received beyond that goes to projects that make NVC accessible to more people in the world.

When money comes to me it is used for:

  • Living expenses (mortage, food, transportation, etc)
  • Bringing NVC to underserved populations (via prisons, non-profits, etc)
  • Supporting NVC organizations like the Center for Nonviolent Communication “CNVC”, the Freedom Project, NW Compassionate Communication, the Trainer Candidate Community Program
  • Supporting those who want to become certified trainers with CNVC, including those in Africa and those living below the poverty line
  • Creating educational materials and products

Using money in the way I do satisfies needs for meaning, contribution, sustainability, ease for myself and others.

When I offer services to you that support your life in some way, I enjoy receiving support in return.  I only want to receive what is joyfully given.  I also am passionate about my work and want to find ways to robustly sustain my capacity to share abundantly with people all around the world.

You can help me do that by:

  • Covering all transportation, food and lodging while I am in service to you and your community.
  • Offering me financial resources in line with what is sustainable and within market value for your community. My average is $125/hr for workshops. The range, historically, has been $0 – several hundred per hour.
  • Combine training opportunities with other organizations or individuals so my time is spent doing sustainable work while I’m traveling. Organizations can share expenses that way as well.
  • Honestly share your hopes and challenges around resources so we can dream into creative strategies that will leave all of us feeling more abundant after our time together than before.
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