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Vol I, Issue 4, January 2009

Urgent Action requested. Vote now to bring NVC to the government and help Obama Bridge the Empathy Gap.

Bridging the Empathy Gap is in the second and final round of voting! Even if you voted in the first round it is time to vote again. ACT NOW to ensure we get to policy-making with this idea!

Bridging the Empathy Gap or go to and search for "empathy." Make sure it says "voted!" to assure your vote counts.


"Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world."
- President-Elect Barack Obama


We are now in a new and final round of voting beginning Monday, January 5 at 8am US-ET and ending Thursday, January 15 at 5pm US-ET.

Please act quickly in this new round of voting for Bridging the Empathy Gap. This Idea for Change in America focuses on assuring that the universal needs of all affected by US government decision-making and policies will be addressed.  Empathy as a foundational principle will be implemented as part of a Department of Peace and Nonviolence or as an inter-departmental office within the government. with the Case Foundation will present the top 10 rated Ideas for Change in America to the Obama administration on Inauguration Day, and a national advocacy campaign for each idea will be launched to support real policy change. Even if you have voted before VOTE AGAIN between January 5th-15th!! To read the proposal, vote, and check our progress, click on this link:Bridging the Empathy Gap - Yes, We Can!

Click on the "vote!" in the blue box with the current number of votes and follow any next steps until it says "voted" and the color of the box is red. This may require clicking several times. We also recommend you reload the page to make sure the box is red and your vote is registered. Make your vote count!

For current updates, help voting, how to take action, discussions and more, go to:

Response in the first round was overwhelming and we are thrilled! Even though our proposal was on the site for only the last week of the eight weeks of first round voting, it finished first in the category of Government Reform, and seventh overall among 7,783 ideas in 29 categories. This is huge! And an incredible testament to the strength of our networks and the support for empathy, and we're not there yet.  We have several endorsements including  The Peace AllianceThe Center for Nonviolent Communication, and  Vicki Robin, author, YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE.

What can you do to support empathy in the US government? 
Cast your vote once more for Bridging the Empathy Gap, forward this request widely, and vote also for a Department of Peace and Nonviolence.

These are ways we can contribute to social change and peace on our planet. Together we CAN make a difference!

With sincere gratitude and celebration,

Catherine Cadden
Inbal Kashtan
Jori Manske
Kathleen Macferran
Miki Kashtan
Sylvia Haskvitz