With Kathleen Macferran (USA) and Yoram Mosenzon (Israel/Netherlands)

September 27-30, 2018

Kathleen and Yoram unite forces (and differences!) to offer this unique NVC workshop, from inner work, to interpersonal dialogues, to global transformation.

Day 1 & 2: The Art of Dialogue (10AM-5 PM each day)

  • Radical Honesty, Radical Empathy – Leading an authentic dialogue
  • Healing dialogues- having the skills to clear up the mess instead of trying to be perfect
  • The art of details:  The miniature subtlety of being a human, and being humans together
  • Anger guilt, fear, depression and other dear friends:
  • Processes such as: ‘Liberating from guilt’, ‘The beauty of Anger’, ‘Fear as a gate to my life project’, ‘Loving my depression’

Day 3 & 4: Application of skills moving out into the world (10 AM-5 PM Sat, 10 AM-4 PM Sunday)

  • Explore ways to build trust at work and in your community
  • Build bridges between polarized groups
  • Bring dynamic dialog to tough social issues
  • Find ways to transform conflict into cooperation

About the Facilitators:

Yoram Mosenzon

I am a CNVC certified trainer and a Mediator, originally from Israel, and now based in Amsterdam. I was a dancer/choreographer when I met NVC in 2001. While learning it deeper and deeper, in 2008 I decided to stop all my artistic activities in order to have my time and energy fully be dedicated to teaching/living NVC. During the week I teach in Amsterdam, and nearly every weekend I teach Internationally in France, Israel/Palestine, Belgium, Poland, Italy, USA, and more.

My focus is on the Embodied part of NVC. NVC for me is ‘taking my Meditation cushion into real life’. I love people (or perhaps I might say say ‘I am obsessed with people’), and I love the miniature delicacy of figuring out ‘what’s going on between people’ moment by moment what prevents love and cooperation to flow naturally. I see my mastery being in ‘The art of Dialogues’, Intimate Relationships, Connecting with Children, Radical Honesty and Radical Empathy.

In 2016 I initiated the Democratic NVC school in Amsterdam- ‘L.I.F.E’ (Learning In Free Environment)’- for children at the age of 4 until 18 years old.

My TED talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSGfqyhleUA

I am offering NVC courses and workshops, including Year-long Courses ‘Embodying & Teaching NVC’ and ’NVC based Mediation’. Details: http://www.connecting2life.net/


Kathleen Macferran

Kathleen holds a vision for a peaceful, just and sustainable world. She has worked as a Certified Trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) since 2003, is an assessor for CNVC certification candidates, and served on the Integration Council for the restructuring of this international organization. Community system building and conflict transformation are passions of hers.

Kathleen has worked with organizations and individuals including businesses, schools, colleges, community groups, faith-based communities, hospitals, families, prison inmates, and correctional and law enforcement employees. She serves as a lead trainer for the Freedom Project of Seattle, an organization that strengthens community safety by supporting the transformation of prisoners into peacemakers.

Kathleen offers trainings, facilitation, system building and mediation using practical skills that lead to reconciliation with ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. For over 30 years Kathleen has explored ways to restore harmony to communities including two decades as a music conductor and leader of a nonprofit organization, and seven years as a public school teacher. Kathleen is the author of and conductor for Giraffe Tales, a children’s CD setting stories to music. She is the conductor on multiple classical music recordings. Her website iswww.StrengthofConnection.comwhere her two TEDx talks can be found.

Workshop Fee: Generosity/Dana based event. We offer this training with joy. Financial contributions appreciated to offset expenses and support on-going work of Yoram and Kathleen to co-create a world that works for all.

Limited to 30 participants.

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