Are you experiencing much change in your life?

  • Thinking about or actually experiencing a change in your relationships, job, or career?
  • Maybe your children have all moved out of your house or have gone to college?
  • Making a change in your spiritual community or thinking about stepping into a new role?
  • Or are you pondering going to college yourself or having children or moving to a new location?


I’ve noticed many of my friends and clients (and myself) going through major life transitions over the past ten years. So much so that it sometimes takes my breath away.


Have you experienced that too?

And, do you ever feel scared or discombobulated when you’re in the midst of transition?

I did, and then I took the time to study transitions and I learned that there are three primary stages in ALL transitions:

  1. The End
  2. The Neutral Zone (I sometimes refer to this stage as The Hallway because it rests between letting go of the old but not yet stepping into The New Beginning)
  3. The New Beginning

Once I understood the specific characteristics of each stage, I noticed that I could relax much more while navigating change. It was like turning on an emotional light and I could finally see and understand what was happening and where I might be headed.

For instance, in The Neutral Zone, we often need more sleep and are more easily agitated. Sometimes, in the midst of needing more sleep, we actually get less because we are still tending to the part of our lives that’s ending (like the job we’re leaving) while tending to where we’re headed (the new job).

This particular stage can be very confusing and worrisome because we might not necessarily know where we’re headed in The New Beginning, we just know that something ended (like a relationship, job, child going to college, etc.) – and many times what ended, wasn’t our choice.

The other main characteristic of The Neutral Zone is we are doing enormous internal work to prepare ourselves for our New Beginning. So, in this way The Neutral Zone is a sacred, deeply powerful stage.

Is this at all intriguing to you?


If so, please join my friend and colleague, Mary Mackenzie, and me for a profound weekend retreat in the Los Angeles area, where you will:


  • Learn about the three stages of transition, in-depth
  • Gain tools for navigating these stages with strength and grace
  • Embrace your own personal transition(s) you may be experiencing or see on the horizon
  • Experience healing in a nurturing community


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I do hope you’ll join us. We have offered this retreat in many states throughout the USA, and, every time, people have experienced deep healing, nurturing, and inner peace.